Hello Im Martyn. I’m starting up hostinwales, following the models of hostinscotland (funded by the Scottish government) and (industry funded). Have had some conversations with the Welsh government and a lot of data and comms providers about this but I need to get some momentum going.

I’d love to hear about web and software developments going on in Wales!

@mglewis Hi Martyn, this looks interesting. Keeping servers and economy local sound good to me.

I'm Davey - a web dev of around 8 years and co-founder of
I code in Wales :) and the servers are currently hosted in germany with Hetzner.

Do you have a website where I can find out more? Is your target audience WP sites with cPanel, k8s, or anything/everything between?

And, if you don't mind me asking do you have industry experience?

Cheers 😎

@davey Thanks Davey. I have updated my profile to answer your last question.

The website is up, but very basic - I'm going to completely re-work it this week. It has been on the back burner while other projects have taken precedence.

I've done a lot of work on Host in Wales, and have written a consultancy doc with input from CEOs of hostinireland and hostinscotland who have both been very encouraging.

Will post the doc on the hostinwales website for general comments.

@mglewis Cheers, I've had a read and it promising! Pleased to hear you have experience and some advice from other CEOs.

I'm solo dev on a startup, I've just fine tuned terraform on our current host. So, I can't promise much bussiness in the short term, but longer term is more likely.

Hope it goes well, and please tag me when you have an update.

@mglewis I welcome this as I see benefits when companies similar to can host their nextcloud/collabora/onlyoffice services in Wales - using open source software to grow a digitally independent Wales.

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