Hey everyone, I'm interested in fiction media about hidden codes (or similar) in art. So like, The Da Vinci Code (2006), Utopia (2013), or Nautilus which was an episode of Person of Interest in 2014. Anyone know any others?

Boosts welcome

Thanks everyone, lots of great suggestions for me to work my way through

@nuala have you read Foucault's Pendulum by Umberto Eco? it doesn't exactly limit itself to hidden codes in art but finds hidden codes in many other things too, but it's an extremely enjoyable and clever book in its genre.

@Stoori No I haven't, thanks, that's exactly the sort of thing I'm looking for

@nuala does it have to be explained? because my go-to fave is always The Crying of Lot 49

(tho I haven't read it in years and it may not actually be as good as I remember)

@nuala also the Disney animated show Gravity Falls. There's the mysteries they deal with in the show, but also many hidden messages to dig into in the backgrounds etc. it's also a fun story with good characters.

@nuala if you like 'em long, I seem to remember enjoying Neal Stevenson's Cryptonomicon but apparently that was twenty years ago now so no wonder I barely remember it.

Then the next three long books, his "baroque cycle" were also kinda related and I remember them better and were excellent but not as much about cracking codes.

@pre @nuala

Second on Cryptonomicon, apparently Bruce Schneier made a custom encryption scheme based on [spoiler alert?] just for the book.

I have Foucault's Pendulum but I honestly can't remember if I ever finished it :P

@nuala Chasing Vermeer is a children's series that rode the coattails of The Da Vinci Code back in its heyday. I really enjoyed it as a kid--it might be fun as a light read as an adult.

One step removed, but you might enjoy the show White Collar, which is about creating and spotting art forgeries.

Blindspot (TV show) used puzzles and codes hidden in tattoos as the main driver. the short story "The Garden of Forking Paths" by Borges might fit this

There is The Ninth Gate [1999, Polanski 🤮 , Depp 🤮 ]

@nuala you'd probably love the 80s BBC TV series "The Adventure Game".

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