dealing with the joint learning curves of oil painting and using a less user-friendly scanner

I have had to take a photo of the painting on my phone and play with it in instagram to understand what I'm 'missing' when I'm trying to adjust the scanned version of the image

there are qualities that don't seem to transfer over into digital format and it's difficult to articulate what they are and why

Hampton Meadow, Herefordshire.

Currently closed off apart from public footpaths to protect wildlife. Walkable from Hereford if you're familiar with the routes.

Might paint this one at some point

city living hell 

can you imagine my face two minutes ago when I received this text for round 2

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sunsets over never-ending brum suburbia can't be beaten, sorry

missing pet 

my poor cat has been gone 9 days now :( she's so small which makes it so much worse. been feeling sad this evening because my friend and her mom took me out in her car to go looking, and we covered a lot more ground than I can on foot, and now I'm worried maybe I would have found Poppy by now if I'd figured that out sooner and cycled around or something

it's time to pull out that infamous draft character reference by one of my art school lecturers again isn't it

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