Nice to see an influx of new users. Welcome all, some of you even seem human! 😀

@gomez I joined a few days ago, Thanx Gomez, I feel so much better that you consider I seem to be Human. You've made my day.


@jaz @TheBeastOfBaglan @gomez This is becoming like a Script for a Monty Python Sketch or a Baglan Python Sketch or a Bot Baglan Sketch. Advanced Cyborgs just wouldn't do this.

@wardy @jaz @TheBeastOfBaglan well my life currently feels like I'm starring in a Terry Gilliam movie, so nothing would surprise me!

@gomez @jaz @TheBeastOfBaglan I don't take anything really serious + I treat life as if I am in a 4 Hour Monty Python Skit. If someone asks me where I am from I say "Unobtainia".

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