Martin Shipton

Well done to Lewis for his bravery in speaking up and shame on the conspiracy theorists who are making fighting Covid-19 more difficult. ‘I was dying with coronavirus and now people tell me it was a myth'

@TheBeastOfBaglan yep. I'll echo all this. I didn't end up staying in hospital, though I did visit casualty, and am still dealing with a few issues (nerves, neurological) over 5 months later.
I've lost a friend who's a Covid denier and can't accept I've been ill. It's quite al amazing how some people can be like this.

@AngharadHafod @TheBeastOfBaglan I have a family member suffering terribly from the 'long tail' effects - off work and unable to do most 'normal' household tasks. It's a terrible, destructive virus

@davidoclubb @AngharadHafod Covid took my mother from me, back in April, so I've seen first hand the effect of this terrible disease. It's nothing like the flu, don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

@davidoclubb @AngharadHafod
And I've just heard that my fathers care home has gone on a full lockdown again! He went into one in Swansea last November, with Dementia, and then I didn't see him from March to July.....I was terrified he wouldn't remember me....but thankfully I have got a see him outside 3 times since, and he did remember me, which was fantastic.....just a shame that it's going to be a while again! :S

@AngharadHafod @TheBeastOfBaglan it's part of the story I'll begin today, but on a virtual date with a guy last week he claimed that the virus has already died out. I said, if that is true then why are people still getting sick? He claimed that he had access to information that a lot of people do not and while the virus was real, the whole economic situation the U.S. finds itself in is a result of failing bond markets from last year. Or something like that. I stopped paying attention.

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