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The 'Manueline' window at the Convento de Cristo, Tomar.

Created between 1510 and 1513 and symbolising the Tree Of Life.

Sorry for the YT link but I am loving this.

Interpretive dance v hydraulic presses.

You can find local Mastodon instances around the world using the "Mastodon Near Me" project at:

Click on map icons to see more details about local instances.

You can add instances via the project's git at or by messaging the project's leader at @jaz

#MastoTips #Mastodon #FediTips #Fediverse #Instances #MastodonNearMe #Regional #Local

if you run a region or locale-based server, or know of a new one, please let me know so we can add to the map at

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Morning opens
with summer's
thrum; this rain,
a stick, in search
of a drum


Jyst yn meddwl y bore ‘ma…dwi’m yn byw yng ghymru o gwbl - americanes ydw i (yn anffodus), a dwi isio’r cyfle i siarad cymraeg mwy pob dydd. Mae’n annodd i ffeindio grwpiau ar lein sy’n ffocysu ar ddefnyddio’r iaith, neu bobl sydd isio siarad hi. Dwi’m yn siwr beth i wneud.

Det moderna skogsbruket

"Clear cut forest"
The modern forestry

A speedpaint of sorts.

Drawing progress, prints and full res:

#art #MastoArt

#FollowFriday / #FF recap of this week's recommended follows:

🌟 @tenacity - Free open privacy-friendly audio editor, forked from Audacity

🌟 @headswap - Random combinations of video game characters

🌟 @MiseryPath - Death metal musician from Germany

🌟 @nathansalapat - In-depth videos about @Minetest, the FOSS alternative to Minecraft

🌟 & - Professional clown and theatrical performer

🌟 @darktable - Free open photography app, Libre alternative to Adobe LightRoom

Are you looking for people to follow on Mastodon and the Fediverse?

Click below for a directory of hundreds of recommended follows organised into 50 topics:


(If a category has several pages of follows, click "show older" at the bottom to see the next page.)

This is just a tiny fraction of accounts on here, but hopefully it will give people's timelines a good start.

Please do share this with anyone you think might benefit, for example people new to the Fediverse.

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"Sunny Afternoon - Mono Mix" by The Kinks from the album "Face to Face (Deluxe Edition)" (1966)

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