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It's really hard to tell how dirty the deck is until you wash a bit of it. Looked absolutely fine before I started. Now I'm riddled with guilt and shame.

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Questions I never need to be asked number 24.

"Do you want toast?"

Yes. If toast is an option the answer is yes, I will have some toast please. The answer will always be yes, even if I'm currently drowning or running from a murderous robot. There is never a bad time for toast.

Due to unprecedented demand I will be releasing my song "(No More) COVID-19" on Spotify in the coming week or so, here's a preview of the single cover.

(There is zero demand for this song, but it occurred to me that something I have never done is release a single, so I thought I should take care of that)

The Universe of Discourse : Geeking out over arbitrary boundaries

Map showing the largest city in each ten degree by ten degree square

Gair y Dydd: cyhûdd – bosib bod dod o hyd i le yn y cyhûdd yn syniad da heddiw.

Word of the Day: cyhûdd 'shade, shelter, esp. from the sun’s heat': – this would be worth seeking out today! This word is still used in Ceredigion.

2.8 million pints of beer need disposing.

🍻 I can think of a few people who would be willing to help with the disposal.

more pictures of donegal from errigal on sunday - these ones were shot and edited by Mairéad so the quality is noticeably better 😊

Are you the one who can find a silver lining in a cloud made of vantablack the size of Jupiter? Or are you the one who can identify the misaligned molecule inside the Hope Diamond from a distance of seventeen light years? Why not both! The Church of the SubGenius is now accepting applications. Free information package for $35.


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