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@jaz @hugo That's the one mate..! ❤️

We are dealing with this for a few weeks now I think, it has costs me already over 20 bucks in emails alone 😿

I have begged for an optinal hcaocha already, see this:

But it's with Glitch since i think there's more chance

drowning in spam signups with the same message "I love this site", anyone else seeing similar, or got any ideas on how to block? I've got IPs all over the place. @stux is this what you ran into? @hugo any ideas?

Usenet 25th December 2006

On usenet, just another normal day.
In quiet corners disputes wend their way
Restrainedly on bondage, loud on dice,
Quixotically on healthcare, droll on ice,
Quite passionately on the way to write
And fast and free on books, all day, all night.
No tinselled turkeys here, no slick false glitz,
Goodwill extends all year, except to twits,
And nobody is here because they must.
The level of debate implies a trust
That words get thoughts across, that talk is good
And “here” exists, (no reason why it should).
When Christmas cheer and smiles are wearing thin
One more unwanted present hits the bin
I think of those I care for, far away
On usenet, just another normal day.

Jo Walton

A merry Christmas and happy holidays to you dear fedizens! \o/

Hi , everyone , just a quick introduction post.
I Currently Live in Wiltshire but hopefully in the new year my wife and I will be living in wales. I work in London currently but hopefully that will change to wales also ( bit to much of a commute otherwise) and in my spare time I tinker with Linux , electronics and watch worrying amount of youtube ,learning new things. Also I learning Welsh , albeit very slowly on Duolingo.

winds me up to no end that when I bought this phone it had a music app on that had no ads and needed no connection to the internet and I can't even have that any more. it's a basic function of a smartphone in my opinion. what was the first iphone but a mobile phone that was optimised for playing music??

@newyorkwelsh @jaz Hi lovely Welsh emigrees...I am trying to fundraise for a local Welsh language nursery, and I have some info on it at

Could you help me find contacts who might be able to support the campaign? Diolch o'r calon 🙏🙏🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿👶

I was in Cardiff yesterday for the first time in ages, so I was able to go see the Betty Campbell sculpture. Betty Campbell MBE was a Welsh community activist, who was Wales' first black head teacher.

Debyg mai fi yw un o'r ychydig sy'n crwydro'r llwybr 'ma y dyddiau hyn. Mae'r gamfa bron wedi pydru ffyrdd.
I guess I'm one of very few to walk this footpath these days. The stile has almost completely retired away.

Our new UI is more than a fresh coat of paint.

We're also fixing several bugs, improving mobile app coverage, and extending federation support to more implementations!

Shipping soon 🚀 #pixelfed

dyma'r 2il . Mae cerddoriaeth soulful house llawen a mae'n iawn i swyddfa.

The 2nd installment... Some joyous soulful house music. Office friendly :)

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